AirTran Airways' AirTran U program allowed college aged people (ages 18 to 23) to fly standby for a really low price. To get the word out we created a YouTube contest and Eunice, the AirTran U mascot. Entrants were asked to print out a Eunice mask and submit a video cheer to win a free flight for them and four of their friends. To get the word out about the AirTran U program and contest Eunice visited college campuses across the US. She joined Facebook before every company on earth had their own facebook page. And she even went to spring break...and maybe entered a hot body contest. Then something weird started happening, Eunice showed up at the Today Show, in local papers, she even showed up on a Threadless weekly email, and she made a ton of friends along the way.



AirTran Airways sponsored several professional sports teams. They wanted to let everybody know how proud they were to sponsor these teams. We couldn't think of a better way than to create a 500 mph billboard. To give each plane it's own team personality I thought of it as taking the teams' uniforms and suiting up 717s in them.



AirTran Airlines' AirTran U program allowed people from the ages 18 to 23 to fly standby for really cheap. So cheap in fact, everyone would want to be college age again. We created an entertaining campaign which followed a few lovable geezers as they tried to fake their identities to be younger.